New Generation Formula 1

Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Cookie Crunch

Herbalife Nutrition has been surprising me for over a decade now, since I became a coach in 2004, with its focus on progress and innovation.

Our doctors and nutritional experts always seem to be at least one step ahead and yet, always careful not to play into the hype of things, which, without doubt, can leave us members in frustration.

However, nothing is brought in or replaced before the science first checks in. And that takes time. And we can and should wait.

Our Formula 1, almost unchanged for nearly four decades, is such an advanced formula that it brought the company as the leader in weight management and meal replacement industry with 31% of the meal replacement worldwide market share. Which is massive.

Starting my day with anything else but Formula 1 is not an option for me and my family. My boys want it before bed time too. And when they come back from school. My husband goes away for a day or two without it and “I really missed having shake for breakfast!” he always says upon return. Because what is good – feels good. You know it. Your body knows it.

There is so much research on meal replacements and a role they play in an effective weight management. Independent clinical studies on Formula 1 show how combining F1 meal replacement with regular diet produced better weight loss and fat loss results than food diet alone. That is in line with the recent research on meal replacements, in general.

Our Formula 1 offers convenience, taste and nutrition all in one shake

However, weight management aside, I personally incorporate Formula 1 in my family’s diet as a way to be absolutely sure that we are getting the nourishment we need that today’s food may not be fully able to offer on a daily basis.

After four decades, Formula 1 is changing. Changing for better, of course. And we can not be more excited about it. It is cleaner and yummier than ever. It is New Generation.

  • It is Vegan
  • It is Gluten Free
  • It is Dairy Free
  • Higher in Fibre than “old generation”
  • Higher in nutrients than “old generation”
  • No artificial sweeteners or colours

So, far, those are our New Generation Formula 1 flavours:

Formula 1, ideally combined with targeted Herbalife Nutrition supplements and products, can be used in multiple ways:

  • As an ideal breakfast
  • For an effective Weight Management, recommended with free coaching through it
  • To reach Optimum Nutrition when combined with healthy diet
  • As a recovery nutrition after exercise
  • As a quick & balanced healthy meal replacement – any meal, any snack
  • As a way to reach your protein target via plant source (Vegans and Vegetarians alike might particularly benefit from it)
  • It is suitable for any age as a part of a balanced diet

So, that is it, new generation is in and I thought it was something worth shouting about. For many, it is life changing experience and part of their healthy, active lifestyle and, for some, still just a means to an end to get to their weight goal.

Regardless, Formula 1 is a healthy, balanced meal that makes us all better off for having it.

Here is to The New Generation of Formula 1 meal replacements! They are here to stay!

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