The best ``Start of the Day`` plan

Ideal Breakfast Optimal Plan

Ideal Breakfast Optimal Plan is the best plan to get started if you would like to get the best results.

Simply make your breakfast shake with 2 scoops of Formula 1 Healthy Meal and mix with Protein Drink Mix that is an ideal substitute for milk that is high in protein and low in sugar. Your shakes will be even more nutritious and creamier. Yum!

Add the Instant Herbal Beverage into your daily routine for a steady energy boost and a healthy replacement for your typical tea and coffee.

Add Herbal Aloe Concentrate to water or your tea for a cleanse of your digestive system. It tastes great and is very refreshing when made with our Mango Aloe.

An addition to the Optimal Breakfast Plan is Oat Apple Fibre that would ensure optimum fibre intake during breakfast and help with daily fibre requirement whilst keeping hunger & cravings at bay.

It makes this the healthiest for your digestion Breakfast plan to start with too..

Herbalife Nutrition Testimonial client Sharon Bath UK

Sharon's Story

One of many incredible success stories

Sharon, working mum of 2, lost 30 lbs during one of my group Weight Loss Challenges back in 2012 and I have been supporting her maintenance ever since with our Healthy Breakfast Plan!