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This was a very simple lunch today… I spiralised 1 courgette each for my husband and myself, mixed in some peas that were left after dinner last night, vegetarian sausages and red Thai curry sauce into it. Very, very delicious. 20gr protein under 350 calories.

Spiralised courgette can be used instead of pasta as courgette are very low in calories (well, it is a vegetable afterall), high in nutrients and moderate amount of fibre. Just add some protein, perhaps another one or two vegetables and perhaps some clean sauce and you are getting a deicious meal that, if pasta was used instead in the same amount it would be in hundreds of calories.

My husband, whom loves his carbs, is so much used to it that he even prefers it this way. It is also very filling as you are, afterall, eating a whole courgette as well as few veggies on top.

But, do not stop with courgette… spiralised carrots, cucumber and bettroot are great as a funky salad; my boys love spiralised apple over their porridge, etc… I find a lot of people invest in a spiraliser but do not use it very often. It is just about building it into a habit, but, also, I know if I leave it in a box on top of my kitchen cupboard – I completely forget about it, out of sight); if I leave it out of the box visible, I remember to use it when needing ideas for a quick and simple lunch!

Pictured is a spiraliser I use. I would not go for a hand held one, it is too difficult for some harder veg, but this type of self standing unit is just perfect!

So, let’s spiralise out of control!

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