Mineral & Vitamin Defficiency is the reality

The Importance of Nutrition:

Health is more than absence of disease. It is about waking each day with vibrant health and energy. Energy comes from feeding your body each day with nutrients so it can function optimally.

Nutrition or nourishment is the supply of food, required by organisms and cells to stay alive and nutrition plays a major part in how we age, our energy and concentration levels throughout the day, how we recover after physical activity, in disease prevention as well as successful Weight Management.

It is easier said than done!

The modern diet generally contains too many things that are not necessarily good for us and diet of many is not balanced and nutrient dense enough to make us perform optimally or maintain great health throughout life.

We have far too many excesses and too many deficiencies.

The research shows that 72% of European adults admit they do not eat enough fruit and vegetables, only 25% of adults consider nutrition when eating, which shows how little awareness and education we have about the extent or influence of nutrition on our health and longevity.

However, even if we had all the knowledge we needed to eat healthily, it is a common knowledge that our food is not as nutritious as it was 30, 50 or 70 years ago.

And, on top of nutrient depletion of foods, we have excess of sugar in diet that has devastating effects on our health not just weight.

Mineral & Vitamin Depletion is the reality

When I have a client who claims that they eat healthily (and yet can not understand the weight and energy and other issues!), penny usually drops when running by them the fact that mineral & vitamin depletion of our foods has been now well documented and confirmed by World Health Organisation, UNICEF, UK Ministry of Agriculture as well as Royal Society of Chemistry and is a global problem with loss in nutrients in the soil compared to 60 years ago:

  • 72% in Europe,
  • 55% in Australia,
  • 74% in Africa,
  • 76% in Asia and South America and
  • 85% loss in North America

To put it into perspective, we now need to eat 5-10 apples to get the same Vitamin C content that only one apple used to have in 1940s, after The Second World War!

It is because of the simple fact that – if soil is deficient – so will be our plants and, therefore, our bodies too.

Nutrition Studies

Vitamins and minerals are vital nutrients for bodily functions and prevention of disease. I am met every day with an archaic argument “I can get everything I need from food!”.

Can You? Let’s see…

  • In a large 26,000 person study it was concluded that not one person received the nutritional requirements set forth by the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance).
  • Latest smaller study conducted of 20 individual diets of 2 professional athletes, 12 serious amateur athletes and 6 sedentary non-athletes concluded that…

The nutrition they considered adequate did not achieve even minimum levels, let alone optimal and was deficient in both vitamins and minerals!”

Dr Linus Pauling
(Two time Nobel Laureate) stated:
“The root of all disease is directly related to the lack of minerals.”

Today, good nutrition is more important than ever. World Health Organisation claims that most of the conditions and illnesses today, over 70%, with heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes in particular, are directly related to the way we eat; diet is also implicated in scores of other conditions.

While the wrong diet can be deadly, eating right is among the cornerstones of health. Our bodies have 100 Trillion Cells (that is 100, 000 000 000 000 cells) that need to be fed every single day with 114 nutrients, however, all or some are lacking in diet, which is the cause of so many diseases today!

But, it does not have to be that way

Herbalife Nutrition can help bridge the gap!

A healthy and active lifestyle is fueled by good nutrition and the way you nurture your body will reflect itself in your general welfare and daily stamina.

Herbalife Nutrition has been created to bridge the gap between what our bodies need and what they are actually getting, making it easier to reach Optimum Nutrition were body is at optimum energy and aging slower.

Herbalife Nutrition’s scientists, doctors, nutritionists and PhDs work with world-class partners to bring better nutrition to our customers, making balanced nutrition possible and straightforward.

While Herbalife Nutrition is there to help you bridge the nutrition gap and nourish you, it is important to clean up the diet too and eat optimally and in the right balance for your optimal body composition and effective weight management.

Free Wellness Evaluation

If you are not getting the weight management and health results that you are after, Wellness Evaluation can help analyse your diet and find areas where you may be falling short and recommend solutions.

It will help you understand what changes need to happen and why in order to take your health to the next level in a healthy and balanced way…

Local clients can also enjoy the benefit of a Full Body Composition Analysis…

    Lose WeightReduce Body FatIncrease Lean Muscle MassControl StressBoost Self EsteemIncrease Energy LevelsFeel HealthierLook BetterSleep BetterEliminate Sugar CravingsBalance HormonesImprove Digestive HealthReduce the signs of Ageing

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