4 Week Challenge Focus 4 28 Day Transformations

Warmest Greetings to you and I hope you are OK!

We have all been affected by the second lock down in some form or another and it has left many effected emotionally and mentally by it.

Helping people to live a healthy and active lifestyle is really important to me and I truly believe that no matter how hard it may be to focus on coming out healthier and stronger out of this situation, it is sometimes the only thing we can do – focus on what we CAN change!

Our well being is certainly at the top of the list!

Community that myself and my fellow health coaches created at Focus 4 – our 4 Week Challenge – is a safe and inspiring community with the biggest heart and dedicated to improving everyone’s life and to bring a bit of sparkle to our daily lives knowing we are doing something really good for ourselves and others.

It helps many feel less isolated and the rest to stay on track of their health goals.

What makes Focus 4 special, although support and heart based business make a difference – but it won’t get you results without an absolute commitment to science backed nutritional advice and meal plans.

Yes, following a meal plan can certainly in many cases sound like just another diet (and I know this to be true as I have seen so many I would not touch with a pole!).

However, try to build a house or anything without – a plan!!!

When meal plans are nutritionally sound and created to help establish Healthy, Active Lifestyle habits that can be followed for life and enjoyed by the whole family – this can be a Saving Grace for people who have no routine, no nutritional knowledge or healthy habits and who would benefit from a plan they can follow and stick to, that will not make them hungry, cranky, lower their energy and metabolism.

Also, did you know that very latest research says we have on average 237 thoughts about food each day and people who struggle with weight have over 100 more thoughts about food, so, way over 300 EVERY SINGLE DAY!

When you know exactly what you are doing and why so you can plan your shopping, plan your meals in advance as well as prepare your meals and have them readily available at home, work, in your bag – so you can stay on plan – can you imagine how this will reduce the amount of thoughts of food such as “What shall I have (for lunch, snack, dinner, breakfast…?”, “I am hungry, I don’t know what to have!” (while crisps are calling you from the cupboard!)?

Our participants are seeing an improved wellness in all aspects of their health and that is what counts!

It is not about eliminating food groups, but learning the balance and what makes us feel good!

It is about throwing away the scales and weight loss focus, but focus on Healthy, Active Lifestyle and celebrating our bodies!

Furthermore, our true secret is the safe community that offers our participants support and accountability found to be 3 times more likely to deliver results.

  • F4 Aneta 90 days results
  • Focus 4 Testimonials and Results of a 4 week challenge
  • Focus 4 Testimonials and Results of a 4 week challenge
  • Focus 4 Testimonials and Results of a 4 week challenge
  • Focus 4 - 4 week challenge testimonials
  • Focus 4 - 4 week challenge testimonials
  • Focus 4 - 4 week challenge testimonials

Here is what some of our participants are saying:


“For me it is how much I relied on and ‘needed’ sugar and caffeine to the extent I couldn’t go in a shop without buying chocolate. Only 2 weeks in and my energy is much better and lasts longer now than with the quick fixes”


“For me it’s the amazing recipes, realising I don’t need the amount of carbs I was having before. Having something to follow helps me stay on track so much more! And being part of something helps.”


“Definitely not bloated now and digestion is better”!


“Since starting and revamping my complete food relationship I’ve also found lots of foods that were making me feel so poorly. I constantly had tummy issues which would flare. Since cutting out pasta, rice, bread and most starchy carbs my digestion is 1000% better. It always reacts very quickly now if I eat something which I’m sensitive too. 

I had a few spoonfuls of Wholemeal Rice last night and my digestion was unsettled for a few hours. It does limit me sometimes, I tend to stick to lean protein and veggies and then every now and then I re-introduce something to see what happens. The list is growing of things to cut out but I know I feel so much better so the limitations are definitely worth it!”


“Focus 4 for sure has helped with my digestion, being a shift worker helps massively, and hydration, less standard teas/coffees & realised how happy my body became with simply just having water with fruit infused for flavour. Also, it helped improve my sleep; I normally struggle to get off to sleep, this is no longer an issue – plus it’s quality sleep unbroken.”


“For me it’s the way I eat altogether. It transformed my body for the better and can’t think of having anything else anymore. A while ago we were at friends and dinner was pizza…took me two days to overcome. I quit drinking ages ago and to be honest: the ice cream shop in town is still a major challenge for me!”


“I am definitely not bloated and it makes me think how many carbs i used to eat, I feel better in myself i feel healthy and i love the recipes and support!”


“What a difference in my eating habits since doing focus 4 I’ve tried so many new recipes. Some ingredients I’ve never even tried but would of automatically said I won’t eat it. There’s more healthier food in my shopping every week so it’s also having an impact on the children.”


“Two surprises for me:

1) It’s not about eating less. I never used to have as many snacks – they are just healthier now.

2) As well as feeling less bloated I’ve had no reflux which I did struggle with sometime before.”


“Few things I’ve found in the nearly 3 years of using Herbalife Nutrition and following Focus 4 plan:

1) I used to really suffer with bloating/inflamed tummy and really bad flatulence, but since eating clean this has totally gone! Even if I do eat one or two naughty things I’m now usually ok. I do suffer however if I completely over indulge (not often now) but I know what to do to get back on track! 

2) The amount of food to eat and frequency! I was always having a ‘snack’ as my breakfast so no wonder I was lacking in energy!! I love food and eating so this is fantastic! 

3) Water for energy! This was a revelation for me! How can something plain and zero calorie give you energy?!? But it so does!!! I always drank water and carried it with me but didn’t get to 3 litres a day which I do now! If I’m tired I always think about how much water I have had and usually it’s not much!”


“I have only been on plan for 3 weeks and im loving the programme. The biggest change i have noticed is my mindset. This plan is so easy to follow. Unlike other diets I am not constantly obsessing over food, thinking about my next meal, concerned with what I’m missing, craving the sweet things. On this plan I want to choose the healthier option not only because they are good for me but because they taste good. 

I have gone from drinking 4 cups of coffee a day to a aloe mango drink in the morning and 2lts of water. Water used to make me feel sick. I love the support groups and will always be grateful to my husband for giving us this journey.”


“For me I am so surprised how I have stuck to the plan, I never stick to anything, my excuse has always been how busy I am in work, but this plan helps me be more organised with my snacks and shakes, it’s easy as I can have something healthy in the car on my way to work or when I’m out on the road for work, I always used to grab something quick which is usually something not great for you! 

But, how things have changed! I have not only changed my eating habits, I’m drinking much more water and losing inches. I also was so embarrassed taking my starting photo … now I’m looking forward to talking the end photo! 

I am also really looking forward to the next challenge!”

So, if you are in need of some support, then join us! This is what you can count on:

  • Energy going through the roof
  • Stable blood sugar levels
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Personalised Nutrition
  • Support and accountability within the group
  • Your own health coach that has your back outside of the challenge
  • Better digestive health
  • Less brain fog, more focus and concentration
  • Daily fitness to keep you going
  • Fun & Excitement as we always come up with new incentives, games & competitions

Ask yourself – if you continue with your current lifestyle – will you be healthier and in a better shape in one, two, five years time than you are now?

If you are not happy with your answer to the question – there is a solution! Change is heard, but change is the only thing we must do in order for our life and health to change!

You are worth your best life and health! Go for it!

More about 4 Week Challenge!

Until next time, yours in Health,


P.S. If you did not know about this service before, check out my Free Online Wellness Evaluation Questionnaire to help assess your current lifestyle and give recommendations on how to improve certain aspects of your health so you can reach your wellness goals.

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