Focus 4 Four Week Chllenge Transformations Weight Loss

Our 4 week challengers are feeling Springtacular

This week we saw yet another challenge finish and, as usual, some of the results are off the chart. It never seems to fail to surprise me what can be achieved in a single month! However, it is not the pictures, but the stories behind them that fill my heart with joy.

“I love seeing everyone fantastic results today, brilliant. It was my first focus4 and I have loved every minute of it. The support I have had from my coach and all the other ladies has been amazing. I have lost 19lb and 93cm over the last 28 days which is mind blowing and I look so different. The massive thing for me is that I feel so different both physically and mentally. I cried tears today but not the sad dispearing tears I normally cry when it comes to my weight/body, but happy tears. I sleep better, I have so much energy, my blood pressure is better. I can’t explain what this last month has done for me. I feel so lucky to have found this amazing group of people and look forward to the next challenges thank you all!”, Karina

Then I absolutely loved Helen’s results as well as the fact that she was doing it with three of her friends. In case you have not picked up my article on Eating Patterns and Social Contagion and how who we spend time with can influence our eating behaviors and ultimately how our health shows up. Our chance of becoming obese increases by 57% if our friend is obese, but if the friendship is mutual, the obesity increases by 171%, particularly for the same-sex friendships, so, it works the other way too – by surrounding yourself with community of people who are on the same mission as yourself – even more powerful if you have your own circle of influence joining too.

“Not only my first F4 challenge but also 3 friends joined me and absolutely smashed it. Although not quite ready for personal recognition I can confirm that A.A. lost 62cm and really close to her target weight; L.R.L. lost 15lbs in weight and is getting to grips with the tape measure ready for next time; Z.A., after a really busy month, is yet to add up all totals but delighted with her losses. All of us have loved the process. I’d like to congratulate them on sticking with it and believing in me.” Helen John

“Absolutely proud of myself… I have achieved so much in a month. I’ve pushed myself everyday to get to my goal but there’s a bit more to go yet… It’s been hard going sometimes but I managed to pick myself back up… I feel so much better in myself I think I need a new wardrobe! Anyone can achieve something if they put their mind to it & only yourself can change, no one else can do it for you!”, Tam

“Hi guys, this was my first month of doing this and really happy with the way its gone. 71 cm loss. This month for me was more about getting used to eating better foods and at the right times. And having a structured plan too follow. Not much exercise was carried out, but I do intend the change that for next challenge. I can’t wait for the next challenge now!”, Liam

“If i look back at first pictures from January Focus 4 after I had a few months just before Christmas of eating way too much and not exercising as much, I piled weight on… My problem area is definitely my stomach after having 3 children and I can have trouble with bloating but the change is massive after 2 challenges so I need to give myself pat on the back really and keep going until I’m where I want to be… I want to be lean but I want muscle tone and curves”, Tanya

Absolutely over the moon with my results in just 4 weeks! Massive thank you to my coach and all the team for the support and guidance. It’s been better than I could ever have imagined. So here’s my 4 week results:

💚 25.5 inches off
💚 9lb 2oz weight down
💚 Skin feels amazing and redness of Rosacea reduced HUGELY
💚 Fitness levels improving
💚 Confidence and self-esteem growing day by day

Loads more personal results achieved in the last 4 weeks, we’ve had some tough times in the family during this time but stuck with it and so glad to have that focus actually. Still a way to go but it’s a marathon not a sprint and I’m fully committed to doing the right thing this time rather than quick wins, faddy diets etc. You get out of your body what you put in and I feel great on these products. I can’t wait to start the next Focus4!”, Lia

“Hey guys, these are my results: I lost 21.5cm; Gained 2lb muscle; Body fat down; 1.7 Visceral fat down to 4.5; Water is up; Metabolism has increased; Metabolic age dropped 4 years; I’m happy with that as my goal was to build muscle on this challenge.”, Alicia

It has not all been weight loss as, Kirilee has been working on her body composition really hard over the past year!

Here are my results from focus 4: I’ve been bulking, filling out and growing muscle for my body building competition in July, while shredding body fat slowly using our challenges.

This is the first time I’ve been brave enough to wear a bikini for the challenge photos. As a coach, I’m super super proud of everyone involved and you have all been so amazing its so emotional”, Kirilee

Congratulations are also in order to Susannah who won our Step Challenge, Stacey who won Sleep Challenge by increasing her average sleep by 1 hour as well as to Natalina who is our Bake Off Winner!

Oh, it has been a total fun getting our competitive nature get the very best of us and £1600 was given away in total to all the most remarkable transformations, although, they are all winners in my heart!

While there are too many result to be able to mention them all, here is one that stands out for me. It is our coach Dee:

“Just finished my 6th Focus 4 and the smile on my face says it all. I have managed to shrink to a size 6-8 from an 18. Down to 20% body fat & getting amazing results that always leave me flabbergasted with this plan. Trust the process, set your goals & go for them!”, Dee

Dee’s transformation is remarkable on many levels. She is a customer who turned coach because it is that Transformed People Transform People. She is not in my team (I wish!), but I love the fact that we all work together, we are one team and proud of each other’s achievements. Dee shows the commitment to her progress and health and her progress is a testament of the power of the community and what “one challenge at a time” can do if you just embrace the journey and commit to long term progress! I had to personally congratulate Dee and she responded:

“Sanela, I remember my first Focus 4 watching the welcome videos being so excited. I literally could not wait because I knew how great this was going to be for me & it has truly saved my life!” (Dee).

Indeed, when opportunity presents itself, you must feel it in your gut, trust that feeling, believe in yourself and go for it!

Here are some other of our March 2021 4 Week Challenge results ad congratulations to all the participants:

Our next 4 week challenge starts 5th April 2021. If any of these testimonials and results have inspired you to join, let me know. You can also read more about 4 Week Challenge.

Until next time,

Here is to you & your health!


4 week challenge testimonials

Our January 4 Week Challenge is all the rave right now…

Congratulations to all our 4 week challenge participants

Most people who join transformation challenges do it so they can lose weight and/or get in shape and get support doing it.

Rarely they count on a deeper transformation that is taking place and the sense of belonging to a supportive community that is making big difference, especially to those who lack support in their every day life.

When I look at the participants, most of whom I have never met before and do not know about their lives prior to the challenge, I see lot of moms, many are stay at home moms, many are nurses, teachers and everything else in between who are trying to improve their health so they can feel better and perform better at work and have more energy for their family once they get back home after work. We have many husbands who joined their wives in an effort to get healthier and in a better shape together. Many mum and daughter teams too and those are truly heart warming…

Everyone is excited when they join, with a dose of self doubt as many have not been successful at sorting their health and weight before, so it gives me and all of us coaches such a joy to see the results and testimonials coming through.

The truth is, once someone has done it once, they know they can do it again!

As one participant said: “Rolling back the 2020 Covid belly one Focus 4 challenge at a time!”

What many are not even realising is the impact their weight loss/ fat loss and eating “cleaner”, anti-inflammatory foods have on their overall health. When their energy is up, they do not even know how that energy increase is a combination of excitement, energy in the group as well as their healthier habits and the effect that has on their immune and digestive health that is sending sparks to their eyes.


Here are some of the best testimonials we received…

“I’ve really enjoyed this challenge especially the pre-recorded work out sessions as I was able to do them early in morning before my kids got up, I’ve worked really hard and the results are my reward. Lost 1st 5lbs and 47cm in total. Well done everyone your results are awesome. I’m defo in the next 1 to help push me to my target and and I’m super chuffed I can zip up my favourite jeans again”, Stephanie

“Absolutely loved this challenge 🥰 total loss 52.5cm & 10.6lb and my husband.. 34cm & 12.8lb. Loving our before and after pictures 🥰… so pleased! Well done everyone!! Xxxxx”, Katie

I still can’t believe my results! 56cm off in total! Want to say a special thank you to Lisa Lloyd Davies ⭐️ Thank you for your continued support and for always believing in me.. you really are an inspiration to everyone ⭐️ Looking forward to the next challenge already!”, Hannah

Mine and my amazing mum Julies clothes transformation photos.
I’ve tried squeezing into these jeans for the last 10 years (yes I have kept them for that long) then 28 days with the support from you guys and BOOM!!! This was my mum’s first time ever on the products and I think we can clearly say she smashed it!!! Well done Mum!!!! Huge thanks Kate Russell for putting up with my endless questions!”,
Jacqueline and Julie

“Still awaiting my comparison photos but I’m an epic 34cm smaller and have shifted my mindset massively. Hoping to get on the exercise side of things in the next challenge too. My overall eating habits are much better and now baby is settling into something that may well be a routine one day I’m making the most of cook once eat twice+ philosophy…managed to knock up 4 meal pots for myself last night (4 varieties same base ingredients so glad I won’t be eating the same stuff in a loop) and 3 for hubby. I’ve also managed to batch cook and lamb and veg soup today and feed the kids something decent too… that is most certainly a win! X”, Ce’Nedra Gayle

“Hey everyone! I’ve been seeing everyone’s pictures and it’s incredible how amazing you all look… I just want to share a little of my story and would love to hear yours!

So, 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, at 21 this was life changing for me and a bitter sweet moment! Not only have I now got a life long condition but I finally had answers after years of misery! Before I stumbled upon Focus 4, I was in constant pain everyday, not knowing if it was going to be an alright day or a bad day (never had good days), most days crippled me and was bed bound, off and on medication to try and ease the pain and symptoms. No life for a young person!

Weight always fluctuates because of the horrible steroids I have to go on and thought I can’t live like this anymore. Then I found my feet with Herbalife Nutrition.. and, with such amazing and supportive people a few challenges later… I’m fitter, healthier and most importantly in no where near as much pain as I was just a few months ago!

I never thought I would be able to get through a day without pain, but now I’m having a lot more of them! Thank you, Herbalife Nutrition and you amazing people, specially Gemma Louise Bowen, for your encouragement and a new lease of life I never thought possible!” Charlie

“As everyone else has been brave enough I may as well join in, here are my first focus4 results, 17cm off between my waist and my hips and 8lb lighter, roll on the next one!”, Rowena

“Thank you everyone, without your love and support I wouldn’t be here!!
You all make me proud! 40cm down and working on the rest now until the next challenge. No more fizzy pop just water or tea goes in my mouth! Here’s to the next one!
, Kerry

“1st Focus 4 done! Impressed with my results, 47.5cm lost and a I am amazed by the difference in photos too!”, Alfie

“Took my weight measurement on the scale. Total loss = 8.5 lbs. Took my body measurements. Total loss = 43 cm. Not bad as I couldn’t work out for the last two weeks. Boom ♡!”, Sarah

“My RESULTS are in: My Weight loss – 13.5 pounds. My CM loss – 69.5cm. My Total loss since 14th Nov 2020 (including a Christmas break). My Total Weight loss – 22pounds. My Total CM loss – 100cm. ⭐️ the moon!”, ⭐️ Charlotte

“Tomorrow is my final weigh in, measure up and fabulous Herbie photo shoot. In all honesty, with a new baby in tow plus 3 kids and a man child, I’ve not been my most dedicated, but I’ve seen progress none the less. Not only do I look better but I feel better too, physically and mentally. I don’t have the time I’d like to meal prep. With a newborn I typically look at hot food and it seems to be mandatory that I eat it cold and drink cold tea. Having shakes and protein snack on hand ensures I have the nutrients I need not only to nourish myself but to feed my daughter. It means I’m not so starving I devour the contents of the kids junk cupboard. I had so much support that even my wobbles didn’t destabilise my progress. My macros were tailored to my new body and breastfeeding requirements. I learned how to turn shake into healthy yet naughty snack to itch my sweet tooth and my milk production is awesome. It took away my midnight sugar cravings, I’ve gained some awesome quick recipes for my cookbook and I already look better than I did pre-baby. Genuinely looking forward to the next challenge.”, Alley

“It’s been so inspiring to share the journey with everyone and feel the highs and lows together, rooting for each other after fantastic results and supporting each other when things didn’t go quite as we wanted to.”, Isabel

“I’m feeling very proud of myself! I’ve lost 1stone 1.8lbs (have a lot to lose) and 50cm!! I’m so so happy. Thank you all for this group and amazing support xxx”, Amy

“Loving reading all the positive results/mindset from this challenge.
It’s my first time using HL products & taking part in a challenge. I was a little hesitant, now I’ve no idea why! I have loved cooking the recipes & using the products. I too will be sticking to plan. I am buzzing with energy & to top it have lost 16” & 12 lb -it’s a no-brainer! Thank you to you all, especially Caroline Griffiths for the gentle encouragement to give it a go. Will definitely be joining the next challenge! X”
, Layla

“14 and a half inches lost which is 36.83 cm. I’ve eaten so much lovely food, i feel so healthy, my skin is nicer, i have more energy Very thankful i joined this so i can’t wait for the next one and I’m carrying on with this plan until then and until i reach my goal”, Tanya

They are amazing, aren’t they? Wait until you see actual transformations (scrawl below)

If you have been inspired by the testimonials, head over to 4 Week Challenge page to read all what you will get when you join the challenge and you could be a success story at our very next Focus 4 Challenge!

If you have Questions, I have the Answers! Contact me…

And, until next time, stay safe, healthy, nourished and energized!

Yours in Health,


Sanela happy healthy new year

Happy, Healthy New Year 2021

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday and, as the New Year is nearing, I woke up this morning with a couple of insights I really wanted to share with you.

If 2020 has taught us anything it is that things do not exactly work out according to plan. Sometimes. And that we have to remain flexible and focus on our blessings.

Sounds like a cliche, but it does not make it less true.

I was thinking this morning about goals for 2021 and two concepts run through my mind that may fare better than any goal we can set in the current (or any) circumstances:

1. Only Love Gives Great Health.

Instead of setting up health and weight goals for 2021, work on yourself and your personal growth more than you ever worked on your health or your diet. Because healthier mindset will lead you straight to  healthier and happier you.

I hope you enjoy Debbie’s story who did just that in 2020 and look where it got her!

2. Work Is Love Made Visible.

“Work is love made visible.
And if you cannot work with love but only distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.
For if you bake bread with indifference, you make a bitter bread that feeds but half man’s hunger.
And if you grudge the crushing of the grapes, your grudge distills a poison in the wine.
Ad if you sing though as angels, and love not the singing, you muffle man’s ears to the voices of the day and the voices of the night.”

Kahlil Gibran

My wish for you in going forward into 2021 is to find what makes your love shine through… and to learn to approve and love yourself unconditionally so you can truly achieve your best health and become the very best version of yourself.

Happy, Healthy New Year 2021.

Yours in Health,


Debbie front image weight loss testimonial

Debbie’s Weight Loss Transformation is so much more…

“12 months ago my life was very different… I had been very overweight for 14+ years and recently found myself separated from my husband of over 17 years.  It was time for me to get my life back on track! 

My best friend Hayley introduced me to Herbalife and I had my first consultation with Sanela and weigh in on 4th January 2020. Since this date, all aspects of my life has changed for the better!

I am more outgoing, with positive attitude, healthier, fitter and wake up looking forward to what the day will bring! Other diets worked for a small amount of time but as soon as I fell off the wagon, which always happened, the weight, plus more went straight back on. 

Herbalife Nutrition and its ethics stuck with me.  I understood the changes I needed to make in life and way and, for the first time, my weight was never the figure I focused. Instead, I focused on my health, especially the visceral fat, striving to bring this figure down to bring out the healthier person I knew was hiding deep down inside me.  

A lot has happened in 2020, virus has impacted everyone in one way or another, but I’ve not let this stop me! I am happy to say that I am one of the minority whose weight has gone in the right direction! Life is very good, my journey continues! I look forward to seeing what the next year will bring and know that Herbalife Nutrition will be in my life forever.

I simply cannot see me ever waking up and not having a shake for breakfast!

Love, Debbie”

More about my work with Debbie

I can not express enough how proud I am of Debbie.

During the entire year we worked together, I could see her transforming not only physically, but internal shift that was taking place was astounding.

I know Debbie has big plans for 2021, but let me reflect on her progress in 2020:

  • 25 kg or 55 lbs weight loss (4 Stones)
  • Visceral Fat dropping from dangerous 13.9 to 8.8 – which is around 3 litres of internal visceral fat lost.
  • Body fat went from 51% to 42%, which is still high, but Debbie is getting closer to healthier range.
  • Debbie’s lean muscle went from 46% to 55% of her body. She has not lost ANY lean muscle in the process suggesting that meal plan she is on is fully balanced for her unique body composition to keep her metabolism high.

Statistics aside, I have seen Debbie’s confidence grow with each month passing by, she truly is not only feeling healthier, but noticeably happier, she even bought a new house this year and has completely changed her life in the past 12 months.

Even in lockdown, Debbie and I stayed in touch and kept working on a 1-2-1- basis, but Debbie was also part of our 4 Week Challenge that kept inspiring Debbie to stay daily on track with her nutrition and fitness.

Debbie understood very soon that she did not sign up for a diet, but a Way Of Life, which already sets her apart from anyone just going on a “diet”!

Because she was ready, she was also teachable!

I LOVE what I do for all the people I meet and help and believe me when I say that I do understand that everyone is on a different journey and at a different point of readiness, which can not be rushed.

When we are not ready – there is just too much resistance and self-sabotage is a daily struggle.

Debbie was completely ready when she started 12 months ago, she kept being accountable to me even when we could not see each other during several months of the lock down.

Many used lockdown as an excuse to “take a break”. No judgement here, please. Remember, we are all on a different journey and a different point of readiness to change!

Debbie’s results just gave her more fuel and motivation to keep going and she truly achieved necessary mindset shift in 2020 needed to not only achieve results, but keep those results.

Debbie may as well be my absolute Star Client of 2020, however, I am a proud coach of all my client! Because it is our differences that make us unique in who we are.

I am hoping that Debbie’s story will inspire you to get started on your own journey and make 2021 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER.

Because you CAN and you are worth it!

Do not let circumstances dictate what you can achieve or not! You’ve got this and I’ve got you too!

If you feel you are at the point of readiness, let’s work together! DM me for details!

Until we meet again,

Wishing you a Healthy & Happy New Year 2021!

Yours in Health,


4 Week Challenge Focus 4 28 Day Transformations

Sticking to a Meal Plan does NOT have to be yet another diet!

Warmest Greetings to you and I hope you are OK!

We have all been affected by the second lock down in some form or another and it has left many effected emotionally and mentally by it.

Helping people to live a healthy and active lifestyle is really important to me and I truly believe that no matter how hard it may be to focus on coming out healthier and stronger out of this situation, it is sometimes the only thing we can do – focus on what we CAN change!

Our well being is certainly at the top of the list!

Community that myself and my fellow health coaches created at Focus 4 – our 4 Week Challenge – is a safe and inspiring community with the biggest heart and dedicated to improving everyone’s life and to bring a bit of sparkle to our daily lives knowing we are doing something really good for ourselves and others.

It helps many feel less isolated and the rest to stay on track of their health goals.

What makes Focus 4 special, although support and heart based business make a difference – but it won’t get you results without an absolute commitment to science backed nutritional advice and meal plans.

Yes, following a meal plan can certainly in many cases sound like just another diet (and I know this to be true as I have seen so many I would not touch with a pole!).

However, try to build a house or anything without – a plan!!!

When meal plans are nutritionally sound and created to help establish Healthy, Active Lifestyle habits that can be followed for life and enjoyed by the whole family – this can be a Saving Grace for people who have no routine, no nutritional knowledge or healthy habits and who would benefit from a plan they can follow and stick to, that will not make them hungry, cranky, lower their energy and metabolism.

Also, did you know that very latest research says we have on average 237 thoughts about food each day and people who struggle with weight have over 100 more thoughts about food, so, way over 300 EVERY SINGLE DAY!

When you know exactly what you are doing and why so you can plan your shopping, plan your meals in advance as well as prepare your meals and have them readily available at home, work, in your bag – so you can stay on plan – can you imagine how this will reduce the amount of thoughts of food such as “What shall I have (for lunch, snack, dinner, breakfast…?”, “I am hungry, I don’t know what to have!” (while crisps are calling you from the cupboard!)?

Our participants are seeing an improved wellness in all aspects of their health and that is what counts!

It is not about eliminating food groups, but learning the balance and what makes us feel good!

It is about throwing away the scales and weight loss focus, but focus on Healthy, Active Lifestyle and celebrating our bodies!

Furthermore, our true secret is the safe community that offers our participants support and accountability found to be 3 times more likely to deliver results.

  • F4 Aneta 90 days results
  • Focus 4 Testimonials and Results of a 4 week challenge
  • Focus 4 Testimonials and Results of a 4 week challenge
  • Focus 4 Testimonials and Results of a 4 week challenge
  • Focus 4 - 4 week challenge testimonials
  • Focus 4 - 4 week challenge testimonials
  • Focus 4 - 4 week challenge testimonials

Here is what some of our participants are saying:


“For me it is how much I relied on and ‘needed’ sugar and caffeine to the extent I couldn’t go in a shop without buying chocolate. Only 2 weeks in and my energy is much better and lasts longer now than with the quick fixes”


“For me it’s the amazing recipes, realising I don’t need the amount of carbs I was having before. Having something to follow helps me stay on track so much more! And being part of something helps.”


“Definitely not bloated now and digestion is better”!


“Since starting and revamping my complete food relationship I’ve also found lots of foods that were making me feel so poorly. I constantly had tummy issues which would flare. Since cutting out pasta, rice, bread and most starchy carbs my digestion is 1000% better. It always reacts very quickly now if I eat something which I’m sensitive too. 

I had a few spoonfuls of Wholemeal Rice last night and my digestion was unsettled for a few hours. It does limit me sometimes, I tend to stick to lean protein and veggies and then every now and then I re-introduce something to see what happens. The list is growing of things to cut out but I know I feel so much better so the limitations are definitely worth it!”


“Focus 4 for sure has helped with my digestion, being a shift worker helps massively, and hydration, less standard teas/coffees & realised how happy my body became with simply just having water with fruit infused for flavour. Also, it helped improve my sleep; I normally struggle to get off to sleep, this is no longer an issue – plus it’s quality sleep unbroken.”


“For me it’s the way I eat altogether. It transformed my body for the better and can’t think of having anything else anymore. A while ago we were at friends and dinner was pizza…took me two days to overcome. I quit drinking ages ago and to be honest: the ice cream shop in town is still a major challenge for me!”


“I am definitely not bloated and it makes me think how many carbs i used to eat, I feel better in myself i feel healthy and i love the recipes and support!”


“What a difference in my eating habits since doing focus 4 I’ve tried so many new recipes. Some ingredients I’ve never even tried but would of automatically said I won’t eat it. There’s more healthier food in my shopping every week so it’s also having an impact on the children.”


“Two surprises for me:

1) It’s not about eating less. I never used to have as many snacks – they are just healthier now.

2) As well as feeling less bloated I’ve had no reflux which I did struggle with sometime before.”


“Few things I’ve found in the nearly 3 years of using Herbalife Nutrition and following Focus 4 plan:

1) I used to really suffer with bloating/inflamed tummy and really bad flatulence, but since eating clean this has totally gone! Even if I do eat one or two naughty things I’m now usually ok. I do suffer however if I completely over indulge (not often now) but I know what to do to get back on track! 

2) The amount of food to eat and frequency! I was always having a ‘snack’ as my breakfast so no wonder I was lacking in energy!! I love food and eating so this is fantastic! 

3) Water for energy! This was a revelation for me! How can something plain and zero calorie give you energy?!? But it so does!!! I always drank water and carried it with me but didn’t get to 3 litres a day which I do now! If I’m tired I always think about how much water I have had and usually it’s not much!”


“I have only been on plan for 3 weeks and im loving the programme. The biggest change i have noticed is my mindset. This plan is so easy to follow. Unlike other diets I am not constantly obsessing over food, thinking about my next meal, concerned with what I’m missing, craving the sweet things. On this plan I want to choose the healthier option not only because they are good for me but because they taste good. 

I have gone from drinking 4 cups of coffee a day to a aloe mango drink in the morning and 2lts of water. Water used to make me feel sick. I love the support groups and will always be grateful to my husband for giving us this journey.”


“For me I am so surprised how I have stuck to the plan, I never stick to anything, my excuse has always been how busy I am in work, but this plan helps me be more organised with my snacks and shakes, it’s easy as I can have something healthy in the car on my way to work or when I’m out on the road for work, I always used to grab something quick which is usually something not great for you! 

But, how things have changed! I have not only changed my eating habits, I’m drinking much more water and losing inches. I also was so embarrassed taking my starting photo … now I’m looking forward to talking the end photo! 

I am also really looking forward to the next challenge!”

So, if you are in need of some support, then join us! This is what you can count on:

  • Energy going through the roof
  • Stable blood sugar levels
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Personalised Nutrition
  • Support and accountability within the group
  • Your own health coach that has your back outside of the challenge
  • Better digestive health
  • Less brain fog, more focus and concentration
  • Daily fitness to keep you going
  • Fun & Excitement as we always come up with new incentives, games & competitions

Ask yourself – if you continue with your current lifestyle – will you be healthier and in a better shape in one, two, five years time than you are now?

If you are not happy with your answer to the question – there is a solution! Change is heard, but change is the only thing we must do in order for our life and health to change!

You are worth your best life and health! Go for it!

More about 4 Week Challenge!

Until next time, yours in Health,


P.S. If you did not know about this service before, check out my Free Online Wellness Evaluation Questionnaire to help assess your current lifestyle and give recommendations on how to improve certain aspects of your health so you can reach your wellness goals.

Free Wellness Evaluation

Diana’s Testimonial

Diana’s Testimonial

“I have known Sanela for many years. However hard I try to describe Sanela, I do not think any words would do her justice.

Sanela is great. She is not just a nutritional therapist. She is an amazing human being who has invested her life into in-depth study of human character, meaning of life… And this, combined with her expert knowledge of nutrition, the mechanics of weight loss, and physiology of the human body makes her approach very unique to addressing the issue of weight.

Because it is not actually about weight. It is about health in its entirety. Both physical health and mental health. This cannot be separated in fact.

Sanela’s holistic approach to health enables her clients to embark on a journey where losing weight is not a drag and living healthy becomes a way of life. Not because one has to but because he/she wants to.

Being mindful of what is good for our bodies and choosing healthy options is a powerful way of self-care.

Sanela’s message “Get excited about choosing health & living healthy” is key to a changed mindset which will ultimately lead to weight loss which will be sustained.

I highly recommend Sanela to anyone trying to lose weight or improve their health. I really think she is the best in her field as I continue to work with her on my own journey to wellness.

Diana, Bath (Health Care Professional, Bath)

Herbalife Nutrition success stories and testimonials

Hayley’s Story

Hayley’s Success Story

Hayley is a mum of two young girls here in Bath and came to see me after being referred to me by her mother-in-law, Fran, who has been my client since 2017. We did the Wellness Evaluation with full body composition analysis, had a great chat about her current challenges.

At the end, Hayley was excited to start with our basic Herbalife Nutrition plan and was given a full Nutritional Manual to follow with recipes for her other meals, shopping ideas, meal planning ideas, exercise, etc. I took her through it and, to my surprise, Hayley did not need much to set off on her journey changing her breakfast for our Formula 1, changing balance of her meals, serving sizes, meal frequency and soon started feeling better as well as ending losing 22 lbs to date in total.

Hayley implemented some recipes within both her own and her husband’s lifestyle, which caused her husband to lose some body fat and feel much better too. I do not think we appreciated how much progress Hayley made until she sent me the photo in a blue jumpsuit that she bought herself for their wedding anniversary break. She looks absolutely stunning.

Here is to Hayley’s continued success.

Joanna’s Testimonial

Joanna’s Testimonial

“Last September I began feeling cross because many of my buttons would just not fasten and I felt exhausted much of the time.  I have a friend who kept going to the dry cleaners to have her clothes taken in and she told me about Herbalife and Sanela.

I immediately called Sanela to book an appointment and from then on my life has improved.  I think the Formula 1 shakes are delicious and I enjoy whizzing them up with fruit; the snack bars really keep one going and above all I like the challenge.  I have lost over a stone now and feel so much better, enjoy my weekly trip to Sanela and her magic scales though I now will see her once a month for a wellness check-up as I reached my goal.

I found it a bit expensive at first as you get supplies for a whole month, but as it works out less than £5 a day for 2 nutritious meals, a healthy protein snack, supplements and an energy drink – Sanela made me realise that a lot of people pay that much just for a sandwich out and a fizzy drink, so it is important to understand the value. Sanela has since made me a member and I now order independently at a discount.

You are sometimes tempted when you are cooking for your family and I did find it difficult to drink enough water but you have your evening meal to look forward to and the joy of looking and feeling better!  This is such a painless way to lose weight and improve your health. I don’t know why more people don’t do it.  I would recommend everyone to just – Go for it!”

Joanna Cacanas, Bath

Herbalife Nutrition Testimonial client Wendy Bath UK

Wendy’s Testimonial

Wendy’s Testimonial

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Sanela since 2009 and in that time she has been a real tower of strength, She has been a wonderful coach through many harrowing attempts to get control over my weight and understand my relationship with food.

Not only does she lend a listening ear to my excuses (my word not hers) she has a way of, always gently leading me back on track with encouraging words, stories and facts.

What she doesn’t know about health and well being is, quite frankly not needed to know. Saying that she always keeps her clients up to date with any new developments.

What is especially noticeable about Sanela is that she is kind even when “tough love” has been required. I go away feeling refreshed revived and ready to start again and not a failure and ashamed as can so easily happen in the world of health and fitness.

Sanela is able to get to another layer and her clients can remain human and empowered. This is just one of the qualities which I believe makes her unique in her field and I’m not biased as I have been through many programmes in my 50 years.

I have often arrived on her doorstep depleted and down to be welcomed with energy and warmth which she radiates, leaving me skipping down the steps with hope in my heart and that is something that can’t be bought or taught. Thank you my marvelous friend, you are a treasure.”


Linda’s Testimonial

Linda’s Testimonial

“Thanks to Sanela and Herbalife my life has changed. I knew there was something wrong when I always woke up tired with a lack of energy and a feeling of lethargy. I was recommended by a friend to call Sanela. I did not feel I needed to lose weight but I did want to feel more positive. I only weight 9 and a half Stones, so not massively overweight, but was carrying a lot of body fat around hips and stomach.

Sanela made me reassess what I was eating and drinking and I quickly realised I needed to respect myself enough to change my nutrition. I needed Sanela to help me see the link between food and my mood and to realise I needed to eat more protein and less carbohydrate, lose alcohol, caffeine, crisps and gain a balanced diet.

These are things we might already know, but do not put into action due to excuses of time and life’s distractions.

I ended up losing 18 lbs as I stuck to the suggested program of 2 shakes, snacks and 1 balanced evening meal. The shakes helped the brain and body crave and need good nutrition. It helped me reduce my stomach size and expect less food, food that the body does not necessarily need.

Support from Sanela is fabulous with her words of wisdom, encouragement, knowledge and support. The whole process for me was guided by the thought that I am gaining something which was a healthy body with lots of energy rather than loosing food.”

Linda Mallory, Bath

Herbalife Nutrition Independent Herbalife Member, Bath UK

Emily’s Testimonial

Emily’s Herbalife Nutrition Story

Sanela, I want to say a massive thank you to you.

I met you about three years ago by our mutual friend who kind of coaxed me into seeing you. She made a few comments about my weight over the time I knew her. One of which was ‘you’re lovely looking but would look even better if you lost some weight’! How charming is that!!

I’ll admit the first time I saw you, although I understood Herbalife and the routine I needed to make for myself, I was not committed. Working with people who aren’t exactly the healthiest, I would be easily lead into having a MacDonalds or something to that fashion. It was a bit like I didn’t want to be left out, or that’s what I’ve told myself.

I tried to do your Weight Loss Challenge and again failed. I could blame lots of things for this but really it was my lack of motivation, there isn’t a real excuse. At the time I probably blamed work. I learnt from you though. I understood but didn’t put any of it into practice. It was like I was going to the lessons but not taking the exam.

I then tried other things, but it was not for me.

I’ve always followed your Facebook posts and read you emailed newsletters. Each night I would go to bed thinking, I’m going to start tomorrow being healthy, I know what I’m doing, I’ll go for a run after work. Then when the next morning comes it would be ‘can’t be arsed with that’.

I used to love running and the gym. For some reason something has made me lazy. There has been a fair few life hurdles I have had to deal with over the last 2 years but who hasn’t! It’s how we deal with them that makes us stronger and shouldn’t be making us lazy!

Then one morning, I woke up and rather than thinking ‘can’t be arsed with that’, I text you. Arranged to see you. A dose of your energy was all I needed to re-inspire myself.

I’d forgotten the simplicity of Herbalife and how it fits so well into my daily life. Our time is precious and we should be making the most of it. Not spending hours making food for the next day and having to think about all the nutrients we need from it and having to weigh everything out. Now I can have my shake, which I enjoy and know is doing me good and a hell of a lot better than my previous lunchtime munchings!

Not only that but I have noticed the saving on my food bill!

After my first 10 days I have lost just under 3lbs and 1 litre of visceral fat! I need to continue this! I feel amazing. More energy and have had people commenting on the difference. One being that I was more full of beans than usual!! Must drink more water mind!!

Thank you again for your time and inspiration. It’s taking me a while but it’s now the right time for me. I will do this and I now what to share what you have taught me! Herbalife all the way!

Lots of love my friend!

Emily xxx

Karine's Herbalife Nutrition testimonial

Karine’s Story

Karine’s Story “50 lbs GONE but the journey CONTINUES” … Herbalife Nutrition Success Story

My friend Karine has reached an important milestone today, here is her story to date…

Today is a big day for me as I have reached 23 kg of weight loss… yes that is indeed 50 lbs!

Back in December 2017, I was watching some fellow Herbalife distributors sharing their amazing results on Facebook after completing a 90 programme of healthy eating and fitness.

Having struggled for over 10 years to lose my pregnancy weight and having tried so many different types of “diets”, I thought I had nothing to lose but excess weight and fat and I decided to give a 90 Day programme a go. Unfortunately, I was very ill with allergy and asthma at the time and even spent most of the Christmas holidays indoors as stepping out in the fresh and cold December air was triggering my asthma attacks.

So, I decided I had to treat this problem and get better first before embarking on the programme especially as I knew that it required some form of exercise and I thought that sadly it was not the right time for me to join the next 90 day programme which was due to start beginning of January 2018…

However, deep down I knew that I wanted / I had to give this programme a go and so it stayed in the back of my mind and I was mentally getting ready to join the next wave starting in March whilst getting my asthma under control…

Herbalife Nutrition Testimonial client Karine, London UK

My Friend Karine…

Here is someone very dear and special to me. My friend Karine.

Karine was my very first team member when I joined the business and my very first Supervisor. Karine is kind, hard working and very intelligent. She saw what I saw, where hundreds around us didn’t. She had an incredible product result. There was a point in my business when I was made redundant when I got so low and it was Karine who, with her act of kindness, enabled me to keep myself afloat and IN the business until I sorted myself out. And I did. I have been trying to repay her ever since. I, basically, owe Karine forever. She REALLY paid it forward.

In my soul searching, this is an important thing never to forget or take for granted. Those that were there for you when you really needed it.

Focus 4: Summer Shakedown 4 Week Challenge Sanela

My results of a 4 Week Challenge

It has been exactly four weeks since I decided to embark on the journey of cleansing my body of sugar and toxins, reducing my overall body fat and really proving to myself that I can be this fit and strong woman and mother in her mid forties.

I am already delighted with the progress I made to date, and, even more importantly, I enjoyed every moment of this journey!

My husband is too with already his lowest ever body fat of 14%.

Why was this important to me in the first place, I wonder? When I ask myself that, my immediate gut feeling leads me to the answer that has less with body image, but with the disciplines and struggles one needs to have in order to achieve it.

I do not necessarily want a muscly body, the one you see at body competitions, but I do admire the sacrifice and hard work, blood and sweat one goes through in order to achieve it.

Anna's herbalife nutrition story

Anna & Phil’s Story

Anna & Phil’s Inspiring Health & Nutrition Testimonial

One of the highlights of 2017 has been meeting Anna, who then also introduced me to her husband Phil. I was very interested in Anna’s work as a Pranic Healer and we soon both realised we needed what the other one offered in order to increase our well-being to the next level.

Anna is a wonderful, gentle soul and I am proud to call her my friend too. Anna and her husband have been coming to see me for about 6 months now and they have remained open-minded, keen students of improving their general health & nutrition, eager to apply what I suggested, so no wonder they had such great results. Here are their stories…

Anna’s Story:

“I will always remember the day I met Sanela at a Well Being Retreat Day run by World Health Heroes, I had a Pranic Healing stand and Sanela a Herbalife stand.

We soon got talking and realised that each of us had just exactly what the other needed! I was overweight and my eating habits although full of goodness was also full of comfort and binge eating tendencies!

Feeling quite low in my self-esteem as far as my weight was concerned. Sanela caught my attention as she was clearly passionate about her subject but knew exactly how to approach a delicate subject when it came to standing on the scales and discussing the rather negative results!

I became avidly interested with a bio age of 68, yikes I needed help! Sanela has been a wonderful support and coach. I have felt nurtured and respected all the way, no pressure to buy the products, an all round positive and encouraging experience.

Myself and my husband continue our monthly visits for our assessments, a trip we always look forward to. I am now feeling wonderful about my body, feeling confident and so positive that you feel like shouting from the rooftops! Yeah we did it!

I have lost over 2 stone and my hydration, muscle mass, visceral and body fat our improving month by month, I am now in the healthy sector (unlike before!) and my metabolic age is 27 years lower.

The shakes and protein bars are our favourite, yummy treats and still loosing weight! I have recommended Sanela to many friends who are now going through the same process and having a wonderful experience.

Sanela has a zest for good health and a positive lifestyle, this is reflected in her ever dedicated work with Herbalife. I am so privileged to be working with such a wonderful person. I would recommend Sanela to anybody who would like to make some life changes concerning their diet, you will be transformed!


Phil’s Story:

“Having been to various gyms, pop out for a run once or twice a week I felt quite comfortable in the knowledge that my 14.5 stone 6 foot frame was ok, and although there was a slowly increasing waist line from 34 inch ( first married, playing rugby ) to current 40 inch 33 years married there was no problem as my runs would enable me to eat and drink what I like with no worries. Or maybe not…

Anna my wife came back from a Well Being Retreat Day run by World Health Heroes one Saturday and began to tell me about this remarkable lady she met namely Sanela who though her work helps and advises people with nutrition via a product called Herbalife.

My wife starts to explain her findings ( I quietly sit and listen, which I have learnt it’s best to do through married life ! ! ) and to be fair she was quite shocked with the initial tests and results. would I be interested ? well maybe and so went along to meet Sanela.

Sanela has proven over time since we first met to be a totally enthusiastic, happy and very professional fountain of knowledge regarding nutrition and the Herbalife program, guiding you through the best approach to help you achieve a more healthy lifestyle without any pressure being applied.

My initial results were not too bad really ( he says smugly ) apart from my Visceral fat which was high and this being the main focus for reduction. Now I am skillfully guided via a monthly visit to Sanela who alongside my wife produce a more healthy eating way forward. I now eat more than I used too… a balanced shake for breakfast instead of a large bowl of salt and sugar cereal, a midmorning protein bar, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, second shake if I go for a run.

So the net change over several months is I am now a 36 inch waist 12 stone 12 pounds, still the same height 🙂 my runs are 10 minutes quicker, and feel so much lighter.

Without doubt I have been educated (never too old) to a different way of thinking, along with the positive results and encouragement it’s a huge thank you to Sanela.


I have personally always been open to alternative health practices and Pranic Healing and meditation have found me at the point in my life when I was seeking more spiritual connection with the world around me and within myself.

Pranic Healing is an energy medicine system that manipulates body’s vital prana or force in order to facilitate neccessary healing. It has also made me realise the greater role we all play in increasing the health and energy of the world in which we work and live.

I believe we are all energy, spiritual beings having a human existence and what we think, eat, do will have an impact on our own energy as well as an effect on the world around us.

Pranic Healing helps me balance and cleanse my energies, while I work daily on my physical well-being regarding choices I make on how I treat and nourish my body as well as my spiritual and mental well-being regarding what thoughts and experiences I choose to feed my mind with and what feelings I choose to cultivate.

Together they work to achieve energy balance, vital for our well-being. Anna is a great Pranic Healing therapist and I recommend her highly. She can be contacted on 0751 650 0569 or visit for more information.

For help with nutrition and general health, please do not hesitate to contact me and see ways in which we could work together.

Herbalife Nutrition Testimonial client Nicky Bath UK

Nicky’s Story

Nicky’s Story

I met Nicky in 2009 when she joined my Weight Loss Challenge.

She had such great results that inspired her to become a member in 2010 so she can benefit from member reward of purchasing products at 35% whilst she was also helping her family, friends & neighbours.

After losing 35 lbs and everyone was noticing her results and energy, Nicky decided she would like more rewards from her Herbalife membership.

We got together, set a date to do a Healthy, Active Lifestyle party at her house and explain her friends and neighbours about Ideal Breakfast and science behind Herbalife Nutrition. Out of six ladies that came, four went on and got their Body Composition tested and started a Nutrition Trial.

We put them all together into a 5 Day Eat Clean Challenge to help educate them as well as support them on their mission, whilst they are also being accountable to each other.

They all loved their first week on the challenge that they decided to go on a full plan and have since all lost anything between 16 to 30 lbs (and going…) and they all regularly contribute to their closed support group, together with Nicky and myself.

One of them also introduced her husband who is also doing great on the plan. Their feedback is that they have never been before more supported and more motivated as they are now with a Herbalife Nutrition plan.

What it meant for Nicky is that she also qualified for top wholesale bracket, which is 50%, so her and her husband can eat for free and she also qualified for a free Herbalife Nutrition branded NutriBullet – a promotion that Herbalife has put together for us here in the UK and Europe for those new members who support 5-7 clients three months in a row and accumulate certain volume.

Nicky is very proud of not only her personal results, but also the difference she made to those few people in her circle of influence and I hope she continues making a difference with those around her who need it.

Herbalife Nutrition Independent Herbalife Member, Bath UK
Ann's herbalife nutrition success story

Ann’s Story

Ann’s Story: Delighted with the results in time before 71st birthday

It was my local client who introduced me to Ann, her dear friend who lives in Liverpool. I have not yet met Ann, but, distance is not a challenge when client is ready to make changes as wonders of technology enable us to communicate despite the distance.

Eight months later, Ann continues to make great progress and here is her story to date she was happy to share hoping to inspire more people who wish to lose weight and improve their health… and I am very grateful to her for that…

“I am a 70-year old woman and have been gradually putting on weight for some years. At my annual check-up at the doctors last summer, I measured 5 foot 6 and weighed 13 stone 4 pounds. A photograph taken at the same time brought me up short! I honestly had not thought that was what I looked like.

At that time I was also suffering swollen ankles, not only as a result of long journeys. I did go for walks on a regular basis and I have never been one for eating sweets, preferring starters to deserts but I did like bread and potatoes, pasta and cheeses and I drank alcohol in moderation.

In October, a friend recommended Herbalife as she had started to follow the regime and found it successful. After a telephone consultation with Sanela, I was given a personalised nutrition plan to follow…

Breakfast/ lunch: I am fortunate in that I have always liked milk drinks and have found Formula 1 shakes very tasty. Over the months I have mixed the Soya milk and the Vanilla Formula with half a banana and the semi-skimmed and Vanilla Formula with steamed broccoli spears or spinach.

I have mixed the Red Berry Formula with strawberries or stewed rhubarb. (I found raspberries left pips and blueberries tough skin, when blended). This breakfast is very quick to prepare. When on holiday, I substituted a Formula 1 meal bar for breakfast (yoghurt and acai berry). These bars can normally be used for lunch, too.

Mid-morning/ midafternoon: There were a number of options, I have chosen between Herbalife protein bars, Herbalife tomato soup (delicious!), Herbalife Soya beans, cottage cheese and walnuts and poached egg and half an avocado on small piece of wholemeal bread.

Dinner: I followed the advice and had a small portion of potato or brown rice, lean meat or fish and vegetables or salad. I have cheated on occasions and had an Indian takeaway but with my own rice. Supper is not on programme but I have Ovaltine with skimmed milk.

At each of the main meals, I also have 1 x Formula 2 Multivitamin & Mineral tablet and 2 x Fibre and Herb tablets with a glass of water. I have also tried to drink as much water and/or herbal tea as possible to reach the 3 litres a day recommendation. I start the day with hot water and lemon.

When on holiday, I tried to be careful, especially in the size of portions and found that I did not regress or only by a small amount which I shed once I went back on the programme. I try to do 50 minutes exercise 4 times a week (unless it rains) and I walk a lot. I still drink alcohol in moderation.

Results: My swollen ankles disappeared immediately. I have lost 33 pounds, 6 inches off my waist, 5 and half inches off my hips, 1 and half inches off top of arms and 2 inches off the top of my legs. I don’t feel hungry and I feel so much better in myself. People are very complimentary (I do wonder what they thought before!) It is now a pleasure to shop for clothes as a new wardrobe has been needed! 

Sanela, my Herbalife coach, has rung me every week. I have appreciated her advice and encouragement.  She has helped me to keep following the regime and to refocus on the occasions when there has seemed to be a lack of progress. I have been delighted with the results so far and would recommend it to anyone in need of support and personalised nutrition plan.”,

Ann Hughes

Herbalife Nutrition Independent Herbalife Member, Bath UK

Sari’s Story

Sari’s Story: Journey from running out of clothes that fit to feeling fabulous!

“On 24th November 2016 I ran out of clothes, nothing I owned fitted me anymore.

Time for change, I joined a gym, started walking and did exercise workouts at home, I was 86.5kg at the time, I worked hard with the exercise and two months later – I weighted 84.2kg, I could not believe how little weight I had lost for all the effort!

To up my exercise I joined my local CobraFIT workout class, I was surprised to see a few people I already knew at the classes and was very welcomed by all and really enjoyed the workout.

Sanela asked if I would like to meet with her and have an assessment and do a 3 day trial of the Herbalife Nutrition. To be honest I was a little cynical as I had tried many diets and felt I knew what I was doing and was doing enough exercise that I did not need to think about my eating habits.

It was truly eye-opening, sometimes you just need the obvious pointed out to you, apparently eating nothing all day (I do a physical job) then nonstop eating anything I could from 4pm onwards is not the best way to lose weight, feel good and sleep well.

I was exhausted every day, not only from the extra weight I was carrying but from lack of fuel to get me through the day.

I did the 3 day trail, I lost weight, felt great and it fitted perfectly into my busy lifestyle. I now make a large nutritious shake with soya milk and a banana in the morning, drink half as I am getting ready to go and put the other half in my flask for lunch. I take 2 high protein snacks bars with me and I am set for the day. I used to crave coffee constantly and could not function in the morning without it, now I crave my morning shake, I do not even think about coffee anymore.

In the evening I eat a smaller portion of the meals I make for my 2 children. Sanela posts ideas on social media and in our group chat, great to have new and healthy meal suggestions.

No more running low all day and then eating the wrong things in the evening.  The cobrafit classes have really helped tone my body and I actually have a waist!!

26th June 2017 I am now 70kg, down from a size 18 to a 14 and still losing at a good rate every week, with total 27lbs lost to date. It really is about getting the balance of Nutrition and exercise right and realising this is not just a crash diet its a lifestyle change.  But it is not only about the weight lose, it about looking after your total wellbeing, something Sanela so positively promotes.

Thank you to Sanela and Cassie for being so friendly and encouraging and really changing my life for the better.

I have certainly learnt you cannot out train a poor diet.

Feel fabulous!”

Thank You, Sari – what a fabulous story and I know you will soon be at your goal, although we always work on our health goals, the work is never done as body needs nourishment above all every single day!

Thank you so much for sharing! You are an absolute superstar!

Sheila’s Testimonial

I often ask clients if they would share their story of working with me and how Herbalife Nutrition plan works for them. I believe in story telling as stories are a powerful catalyst in our own transformation, the way they affect us, as well as for the story teller, in terms of reflection they get from telling their own story.

So, when I ask someone to write something it is because I recognise something in them worth sharing with others. I may admire them for their perseverance, commitment, loyalty, transformation or all of it together and hope sharing their story from their own perspective would inspire others into action. We all need more inspiration in our lives.

Also, I believe putting our journey on paper and using the power of reflection can be a great personal exercise in appreciating our journey to date and help us gain clarity and decide on the clearer vision we have for ourselves for the future.

Herbalife Nutrition Testimonial client Jenni Bath UK

Jenni’s Story

Jenni’s Story: Feeling better in my 50s than I did in my 30s

Jenni has been my client for 6 months now and it was one of those moments when she first came to CobraFIT initially that I felt instant connection that I usually feel with people who are just open, kind individuals.

You just have to love Jenni. Whenever there is a new participant at CobraFIT, I know Jenni will immediately try to give them some tips and advice, be kind, tell them how good the plan is working for her and make them at ease. I am so grateful to have Jenni as part of our community, such an invaluable member and now very dear friend too. Here is Jenni’s story to date…

“I met Sanela as I had signed up for her Cobrafit workout.  My journey back to health, up to that point, had been slow to get off the ground and I was looking for a weight training style of workout to compliment my other excercise.

I had been very unwell with dreadful gynecological problems and severe IBS for over 10 years. I had not been able to take the time out of my children’s lives to have the Hysterectomy I badly needed, but 2 years ago I was so ill that I had to have the op…..whether I had time for it or not!

Because of the increasing pain and the lack of energy during that time I had been slowly putting on weight and then after the op I had to recover over the period of a year or so.  Last October, I began exercise for the first time in years. I chose Zumba and I was really enjoying it but it wasn’t enough. So, as I said before, in May this year I found Sanela and her Cobrafit.

I was also at the time really struggling with my diet as I had dislocated my Jaw!! I did the first class and afterwards I spoke with Sanela and she suggested we get together to speak about nutrition. I was sceptical at first. I’m pretty clued up about nutrition and thought I wouldn’t learn anything new…

But, I had nothing to lose. I had  to admit I actually wasn’t doing so well on my own so I agreed to meet up the following day.

After some pretty stark revelations on my body composition and metabolic age I agreed to give the ‘5 day eat clean challenge’ a try. After the 5 days I was convinced and converted, had more energy and was feeling brighter and more able to tackle the challenges of life! I hadn’t really been overeating, I missed so many meals, but I was clearly doing something very wrong. 

I have struggled with food all my life. IBS has dogged me since childhood and on top of that I suffered eating disorders through my teenage years. This had seriously damaged my metabolism.

I am still struggling a little with my IBS to some degree, as I find lots of things upset me. I am working on finding the best combo. However the shakes and the Herbalife supplements are brilliant because it means I don’t have to think about food or worry that I’m getting the right balance of nutrients or what I’m going to have for breakfast and lunch,  Plus including more soya in my diet had an unexpected benefit, as my hot flushes and some of the other pre menopausal symptoms I’ve been having have miraculously stopped and I’ve been able to stop my HRT! 

I have lost quite a bit of weight and dropped a couple of dress sizes, changed shape and am getting pretty fit. More than all if that though I have found a wonderful friend in Sanela. She’s helped me work through the problems along the way and together we are gradually unpicking years of damage. She is so positive and I really value her knowledge and am so glad we met.

The group support we share is also great. It helps to be accountable to the group and also acts like a confessional if we’ve made a mess of things. I am committed to using this way of eating as a life long choice and see no reason not to continue into my late middle age and beyond. I’m 53 now and feel better than I did at 30. Thank you Sanela. Xx”

Thank you so much, Jenni, you are simply amazing and I am so grateful to have you as a part of both our Eat Clean Community as well as CobraFIT, but, above all, as a friend.

When I asked Jenni to write few words, I had to mention that we need to be careful about making any medical claims as our products do not cure anything, they are just great nutrition and body responds well when it gets what it needs, but it is all individual and no result is typical as there are many other factors at play. She did a great job at conveying that message. Thank YOU.

Lejla's Herbaife Nutrition Success Story

Lejla’s Story

Leyla’s inspiring story of gained confidence and aiming higher

Lejla has been a client for three years now, today being her anniversary of getting started initially and has, on her journey, inspired many around her to take the next step. She is an invaluable member of our Herbalife USA Eat Clean Support Group and I am so grateful for her loyalty and support.

I have not met Lejla yet, but surely look forward to visiting Washington in not so distant future. Thank you so much for your feedback, Lejla, delighted you too have been inspired to dream bigger and I know you will continue to be an inspiration… Here it is…

“Today is exactly three years since I started my journey with Herbalife. In the first 9 months of this long and hard but a joyful ride I lost 35 pounds. In the process, I become a new person. Sanela was there to guide me, provide support and share her knowledge and experience with me. It was not an easy process since she is the United Kingdom and I am in the Unites States. Our whole follow ups and support went through Skype and email.

In this first phase I reached a goal that at the moment I saw as very high. I was full of energy, happy and ready to take on the world. Many of my friends told me that I am completely changed person inside and out. So, I went to maintenance program, and was successful in it for 18 months.

However, this journey made me think about myself as a whole person. What else can I do to improve myself. As result, I challenged myself professionally, started volunteering and worked harder on my personal relationships. My life is busier than ever and I am enjoying it.

Of course there are crazy days, but at least I have now energy to take on these challenges. Throughout all these activities, I realized that I did not reach my final goal for weight loss, so here I am back trying to get there.

To make it more interesting, this time around I am the member of online chat group with wonderful ladies. They are there to remind me about today’s goals and to provide me a support on days that are not going my way. We laugh and cry, sometimes we are crying and laughing on situations that we all are going thru. We share the burden and it is much easier that way.

Thank you for everything.”

Lejla – Bethesda, MD

Maida's herbalife nutrition success story

Maida’s Story of Perseverance: Thriving with her Health Tribe

It is then true when they say: “If you want something done, give it to a busy person!”.

Here is my oldest friend, Maida, when asked to write just a few lines about how well program and support are working for her, Maida, in between running a busy office at the major University in the United States, packing for her trip home to Europe in 48 hours, and everything else in between – finds time to also pour her heart and soul into this wonderful story that is so inspiring and brought a tear to my eye.

It is also a testament of a great friendship as one really has to love you to trust you enough to follow your lead and ask for help with something so personal, and then live to tell such incredible story…

“Sanela and I go way back. A long time ago when there was no Herbalife and we were just kids and best friends, Sanela was all about healthy, organic nutrition and exercise. I was probably one of her first clients and faithful listeners because not too many people at the time talked about food so much. She was always so passionate about it. It was only natural to join Sanela on my Herbalife journey.

Herbalife Nutrition Independent Herbalife Member, Bath UK CLient Testimonial

Sebila’s inspiring story: Going all the way…

Sebila was recommended to me by one of my clients in Washington, who also happens to be my oldest friend from childhood, Maida.

I made the plan for Sebila based on her body composition and joined her to the Eat Clean Herbalife US Support Group on WhatsApp where we daily communicate daily goals, challenges, meals, recipes and offer general support to each other.

We soon found out that Sebila and my very good friend Sandi from London are cousins (I know, small world!), so I felt even more responsibility for the plan to work for her. Here is her story so far on the plan …

“I started the Herbalife program with Sanela in September 2016, and in a short space of time I already feel better, have already lost 15 lbs and more importantly, for the first time in my life, feel like I can actually achieve my goal weight and live a much healthier lifestyle.

First, the supplements and shakes – they are truly amazing. If you are a busy mom of 2 with a meaningful full time job, a husband and a long commute, you don’t have time to spend all Sunday or hours every day preparing complicated meals. The shakes are truly the best thing for me in terms of time and commitment. They are easy to prepare and you don’t have to think about what you are going to make for breakfast or lunch, you know it’s a shake and you get on with your life. So easy!!!

Second, the online chat group. Well those ladies are truly what keeps me going. Every day, I can’t wait to check in with my food and calorie intake, because I feel like we are all in this together. We share our ups and downs and they are all here to keep me on track.

My life is full of people at the office trying to get me to eat the leftover lunches from meetings or friends who always want to go to dinner to catch up, and the online group helps me navigate those, helps me realize that I have to control myself and keeps me accountable. I feel like I owe them my commitment and it keeps me going every day.

Last, Sanela. What can I say about her that many probably have already said? She is amazing, supportive, knowledgeable and efficient. I am not sure how many clients she has, but to me it seems like I’m the only one and that is truly amazing; that she is able to always take the time to guide me, help me and hold my hand during the rough times.

The fact that she also drinks the shakes and takes the supplements makes me feel much better about the fact that she trusts the products to use herself every day, and she looks amazing.

I have been overweight for most of my adult life. I had settled on losing a few pounds here and there thinking that I’ll never be back to my pre-wedding or pre-pregnancy weight.

Now? My goals are much bigger, I’m not going to get down to just that wedding weight, I’m going for high school weight. And the best part about it, is that with this program and the support I get, I can actually visualize myself achieving them and I know I will!”

Sebila Raubacher, Washington, USA

Thank you so much, Sebila. It is such a pleasure to support you. I am delighted how focused you are and you truly have poured your life and soul into this. I love your attitude. Daily attitude, but what delights me, is seeing that you are dreaming big, as we all should, and planning to go all the way. THAT is truly something. It will be tough, but it will be worth it and all I can tell you – I am with you every step of the way. Thank you for trusting me.

6 months on and Sebila has made a tremendous progress and she is proud and confident enough to share on Facebook (below)

“While I may still have a ways to go, I did this pic today to inspire myself and hopefully others. With a Hypothyroid condition and a busy life, I finally said enough is enough. With the amazing advice from Sanela Harbas Mujakovic and the tough love from Maida Demirovic, Maida Heremic and my trainer Sarah Newhart, I have come so far and am looking forward to being happy and healthy for a long time to come!”

Well done, Sebila, you have been a tremendous team player in our accountability group and look forward to see you getting to your goal and beyond!

Sebila's 70 lbs weight loss with Herbalife Nutrition
Ruth's Herbaife Nutrition Success Story

Ruth’s Story

Ruth’s Success Story

Fit @ Fifty: Story of a body and health transformation

Ruth has been my client since July 2015. She originally came to trial our High Intensity Interval Resistance Training workout, CobraFIT, at the very new venue at the time, Bathford School in Bath that happens to be very close to where Ruth lives.

After a trial and a Wellness Evaluation that included Body Composition Check and Nutritional Consultation, Ruth decided to start on our 3 Day Nutritional Trial and after great results, decided to start on the plan that would include personalised meal plan to which she consistently added a CobraFIT class each week.

I was well aware that Ruth was getting great results and my other clients who happen to work with Ruth were also telling me how impressed they were with her obvious transformation, but when Ruth walked into the CobraFIT session last Thursday in her brand new skin tight fitness gear, everyone’s jaw dropped as she looked simply amazing and transformation was obvious. Here is her story:

“The change in my weight and body shape are now obvious for all to see.  Friends are stopping me in the street astonished at the amount of weight I have lost and it really is all due to following the Herbalife programme and changing my lifestyle habits too.

Sarah's Herbalife Nutrition Testimonial

Sara’s Success Story

Sara’s Success Story…

Body Transformation of a mum of two: From being desperate to becoming confident & an inspiration…

“A year ago I was a desperate woman. After a year of struggling with diets I had lost only 7 pounds of the 4 stone I had gained over the last 5 years. A new sedentary job and two babies had left me drowning in baby weight – standing only 5’4” tall, I was 13 stone. As I approached my mid 40s I had begun to believe I would never wear my favourite size 12 clothes again.

I didn’t feel myself. I felt out of control and dominated by food. I was scared I would end up like people you hear about who can’t leave the house. I was embarrassed, breathless, tired and down. A life of shapeless tent-wearing awaited.

I turned up at Sanela’s not really knowing what to expect but her immediate injection of positivity and conviction made me want to give her Herbalife three day nutrition trial a go. I lost a pound and knew this plan was for me. Each week Sanela met with me, texted me and kept me on track. She taught me how to choose foods to keep my appetite under control, gave me snack ideas and adjusted my diet to analyse where I was going wrong (who knew you could consume a day’s worth of calories just in cappuccinos!).

Her knowledge and faith in me made me determined to succeed and overcome inevitable hiccups (curry anyone?). As the pounds came off, all kinds of things started to happen – I felt my old personality coming back! I was no longer hiding. I started taking care of myself, getting my hair done, looking after and accepting myself.
As energy returned and I stopped poisoning myself, I found extra focus to meditate and set up positive cycles that fed into each other. More energy – more focus, more focus – better choices – more energy… If you put spare energy into things that are good for you your wellbeing will grow.