Cassy Herbalife Nutrition Independent Herbalife Member, Bath UK

Cassy’s Herbalife Nutrition Success Story

I still remember when Cassy joined my Weight Loss Challenge back in 2010. It makes me proud every time I see her and think about how far she has come on her nutritional and personal journey since I met her:

Back in 2010, I was sick and tired of being overweight, having a weak immune system, always on antibiotics, fed up, run down. I was busy with my own cleaning business & did not eat regularly.

After dropping my daughter to school, I would skip breakfast and go straight to work and not eat until late lunchtime, when I would have several pieces of toast and then I would not eat until dinner. Both meals were empty, carb based meals. I did not understand anything about nutrition or balance and never thought I really had a problem as my whole family had a similar lifestyle. I never knew how much better I could feel if I changed my diet.

Friend introduced me to a 12 Nutrition course that helped her lose weight. I joined & learnt about all aspects of nutrition, which opened my eyes and, reluctantly, I started on a Herbalife Nutrition personalized plan. My energy went through the roof in the first few days. I was a new person, my skin was better, I started losing weight and became a coach so I could help others feel the same and I never looked back!

I am passionate about helping people improve their nutrition and exercise more & on a mission to help improve other people’s lives!

Cassy Harrison

Cassy CobraFIT Bath Community

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