Ruth's Herbaife Nutrition Success Story

Ruth’s Success Story

Fit @ Fifty: Story of a body and health transformation

Ruth has been my client since July 2015. She originally came to trial our High Intensity Interval Resistance Training workout, CobraFIT, at the very new venue at the time, Bathford School in Bath that happens to be very close to where Ruth lives.

After a trial and a Wellness Evaluation that included Body Composition Check and Nutritional Consultation, Ruth decided to start on our 3 Day Nutritional Trial and after great results, decided to start on the plan that would include personalised meal plan to which she consistently added a CobraFIT class each week.

I was well aware that Ruth was getting great results and my other clients who happen to work with Ruth were also telling me how impressed they were with her obvious transformation, but when Ruth walked into the CobraFIT session last Thursday in her brand new skin tight fitness gear, everyone’s jaw dropped as she looked simply amazing and transformation was obvious. Here is her story:

“The change in my weight and body shape are now obvious for all to see.  Friends are stopping me in the street astonished at the amount of weight I have lost and it really is all due to following the Herbalife programme and changing my lifestyle habits too.

Early in 2015 I recognised that I was quite a bit overweight and I tried to diet in the traditional way by not snacking between meals and eating salad for lunch etc but I found I wasn’t losing weight. In fact I was putting more weight on!  I felt so hungry in the afternoon after work that I would come home and eat half a dozen biscuits.

I thought what I needed was to do some exercise and around July 2015 I heard that Sanela was starting a CobraFIT class at Bathford school.  As I live close to the school I thought it would be easy to fit this class into my schedule as I am a working Mum.  I really enjoyed the first CobraFIT class although it was hard work after not having done any exercise for such a long time.  Following the class Sanela invited me for a wellness check.

The assessment went well, Sanela put me at ease and the results of the checks were a real wake up call for me. I liked what I was told me about the Herbalife nutrition and weight loss programme and I signed up for the three day trial.  Sanela to gave me clear instructions about how to follow the programme and I lost 2lbs in 3 days.  As the trial had gone so well I decided to follow the nutrition plan full time.

On the plan I replace breakfast and lunch with a nutritious shake and have a high protein snack mid morning and afternoon with a normal meal in the evening.  I make my shakes with soya milk to increase the protein intake.  I also started to drink more water and replaced tea and coffee with green and herbal tea.  

The plan is very easy to follow, the shakes are tasty and quick to make which is ideal when trying to sort the kids out for school and get ready for work.  There are Herbalife snacks such as roasted soya beans which are great to have In your bag while out and about or you can have yogurt or carrot sticks with cottage cheese etc.  It’s all very easy!   In fact the plan works in such a way that you don’t really get cravings and it feels like you can eat more than traditional diets and still lose weight!

I have made permanent changes to my lifestyle in that I very rarely eat biscuits or cakes or crisps now. I have swapped black tea and coffee for green tea and herbal tea.  I have always tried to make nutritious balanced meals for my family so I haven’t needed to make many changes to my evening meals although I now eat smaller portions than I used to and add pulses to casseroles and have introduced more fish into our diet. 

I have now lost 26lbs and I feel  great!  I have dropped from size 16 to size 12 and shopping for clothes is now a pleasure.  I have more energy and the weekly CobraFIT classes have improved my general levels of fitness and muscle definition.

My skin looks so much brighter, my digestive health has improved and I just feel better all round. It used to be a standing joke in our family that Mum didn’t ever run. Well that has changed and I surprised them all last week by running for the bus and I wasn’t out of breath!

Sanela has given me tremendous support and advice and her encouragement is a real boost especially when you have a less good week, such as over Christmas.  You never feel like you have been left to cope on your own. Thanks for all the positive encouragement from you, Sanela, then also Cassie and the CobraFIT community on Thursday. It’s nice to get an ego boost every now and again!

If you are thinking about losing weight or want to improve your overall nutrition and fitness then I would wholeheartedly recommend the Herbalife plan.

Yours in health,

Ruth Holding”

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