Sarah's Herbalife Nutrition Testimonial

Sara’s Success Story…

Body Transformation of a mum of two: From being desperate to becoming confident & an inspiration…

“A year ago I was a desperate woman. After a year of struggling with diets I had lost only 7 pounds of the 4 stone I had gained over the last 5 years. A new sedentary job and two babies had left me drowning in baby weight – standing only 5’4” tall, I was 13 stone. As I approached my mid 40s I had begun to believe I would never wear my favourite size 12 clothes again.

I didn’t feel myself. I felt out of control and dominated by food. I was scared I would end up like people you hear about who can’t leave the house. I was embarrassed, breathless, tired and down. A life of shapeless tent-wearing awaited.

I turned up at Sanela’s not really knowing what to expect but her immediate injection of positivity and conviction made me want to give her Herbalife three day nutrition trial a go. I lost a pound and knew this plan was for me. Each week Sanela met with me, texted me and kept me on track. She taught me how to choose foods to keep my appetite under control, gave me snack ideas and adjusted my diet to analyse where I was going wrong (who knew you could consume a day’s worth of calories just in cappuccinos!).

Her knowledge and faith in me made me determined to succeed and overcome inevitable hiccups (curry anyone?). As the pounds came off, all kinds of things started to happen – I felt my old personality coming back! I was no longer hiding. I started taking care of myself, getting my hair done, looking after and accepting myself.
As energy returned and I stopped poisoning myself, I found extra focus to meditate and set up positive cycles that fed into each other. More energy – more focus, more focus – better choices – more energy… If you put spare energy into things that are good for you your wellbeing will grow.

Six months on and I’ve lost 36 pounds and counting. I’m a size 12 and can wear what I want. Turning up to a function recently, a couple of people nearly didn’t recognise me! I loved it. I feel the best I’ve felt in almost a decade. I’m now one of those people who happily sips herbal tea, eats sprouts and is sugar-free (except for birthdays). Someone I thought I could never be. My risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes has been reduced, increasing the chances of seeing more of my children’s adult lives. More hugs, more life and more personal confidence. I finally feel I can walk into a yoga class and am planning a career change.

There’s a lot of talk about manifesting the life you want. I do totally believe in scented candles and leaving love notes to yourself around the house but if you’re not DOING the work it won’t bear fruit.

But I’ve learnt that you can’t do it alone, at least not to begin with anyway. You have to accept quality help into your life and when you find a good thing, embrace it and don’t let go. Sanela has made this her life’s work. She lives the walk, she is a product of the product and great ambassador to Herbalife and I am forever grateful to her. She looks a decade younger than she really is (don’t tell her I told you!) and as I enter my maintenance programme with her as my guide I hope I can set back the clock a little too.

If you want to get closer to the life you dream of, Sanela is a wise place to start”

I am incredibly grateful to Sara for this testimonial. I have asked Sara if she could write her experience so we can inspire others as her transformation is so powerful, but have never expected she would pour such heart and soul into it… it literally made me cry when I opened her email this morning. Sara is one of those people that is the reason why I do what I do. For her determination, trust in me and, ultimately, her result that inspires me as much as I hope it will inspire others.

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