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Karine’s Story “50 lbs GONE but the journey CONTINUES” … Herbalife Nutrition Success Story

My friend Karine has reached an important milestone today, here is her story to date…

Today is a big day for me as I have reached 23 kg of weight loss… yes that is indeed 50 lbs!

Back in December 2017, I was watching some fellow Herbalife distributors sharing their amazing results on Facebook after completing a 90 programme of healthy eating and fitness.

Having struggled for over 10 years to lose my pregnancy weight and having tried so many different types of “diets”, I thought I had nothing to lose but excess weight and fat and I decided to give a 90 Day programme a go. Unfortunately, I was very ill with allergy and asthma at the time and even spent most of the Christmas holidays indoors as stepping out in the fresh and cold December air was triggering my asthma attacks.

So, I decided I had to treat this problem and get better first before embarking on the programme especially as I knew that it required some form of exercise and I thought that sadly it was not the right time for me to join the next 90 day programme which was due to start beginning of January 2018…

However, deep down I knew that I wanted / I had to give this programme a go and so it stayed in the back of my mind and I was mentally getting ready to join the next wave starting in March whilst getting my asthma under control…

March came and, although I had committed to join and have registered by then, somehow, I was scared and worried that yet again this programme would not work for me, despite working for everyone else who followed it correctly.  I was excited but terrified at the same time.

What had I signed up for??? I could not bring myself to tell my husband about it that day as I guess I was worried what his reaction may be, having tried so many different things to lose weight in the past 10 years or so and always failing…

The first person I told on the very next morning after registering was my great friend Sanela who also happens to be my Herbalife Distributor since I had to buy some products from her before starting the programme. I was used to having a Herbalife shake for breakfast every day and most days for lunch too and I love and trust the products…

Sanela was delighted that “I took the plunge” and wanted to improve my shape and health. Her response was fantastic and reassuring and certainly what I needed at the time:

“Whooop whooop that is SUPER. You will LOVE it and get GREAT results. So happy for you. Delighted that you joined 90 Day programme. You will do great! You are smart and organised.”

How did Sanela know? Well I guess she is definitely a natural in her field and I could certainly not ask for a better Herbalife Nutrition Coach. She has been a great support on this fantastic journey.

Also Sanela was almost half way through her 90 Day Programme and she was getting fantastic results herself although one may have thought she was already in great shape through the Herbalife products that she has been consuming for about 14 years now and therefore did not need to lose any weight but yet she was getting leaner and shaping up.

The next step was of course to tell my husband and our 10 year son… When I came home from work on the Thursday evening before starting the programme, our son was in the shower so I took advantage of it to talk to my husband privately and I started explaining that I had joined this 90 Day Programme and showed him some pictures of the January participants from the Facebook page.

He was very happy for me as I knew how unhappy I was with my weight and shape and was very supportive but I felt very emotional and by the time our son came out of the bathroom, I was in tears. Poor thing wondered what was going on so I had to go through the explanations a second time and by the end of it, I was a complete mess as I had faith in the programme after seeing the success of people I actually knew personally from my Herbalife days but I also knew that it would not be easy as it certainly requires dedication.

However, I felt this was my last chance as I was due to turn 45 by the end of March and of course, the older you get, the more difficult it is to lose excess weight… I did not mind turning 45, nor did I mind turning 45 being fat as long as I had a plan to be leaner, fitter and stronger physically and mentally by 46 and beyond. No pressure!

I took time over the next few days to go through and study the plan, the recipes and prepared my grocery list to go shopping.

On the Sunday before the wave started, the 3 of us went out to complete my pre-challenge challenge as a family. The short 500m run and the battle ropes nearly killed me as I was so unfit but I did it! My little family was once again very supportive of my small achievement and that meant a lot.

In the afternoon, I cooked several meals from the plan for the coming days so I would not be caught unprepared in order to avoid temptation and possibly making the wrong food choices.

By the Sunday evening, I was definitely ready and very keen to start the following morning. I set the alarm for 6.20am as I had worked out my meal schedule to space out the 6 different meals one has to eat on the programme and also set reminders for each meal on my phone so I would no miss any…

We are not actually supposed to weigh ourselves, as depending on your shape and body composition, results may not show on the scales but I personally had to do it every single morning to keep track of my progress. This is the way I operate and know whether the programme works or not…

By the end of week 1, I had lost 2kg and by the end of the first month, I was 7 kg down and of course people starting noticing a difference not only in my shape but also commented on how well I looked and how clear my skin was.

I went on to lose 18.9kg by the end of the 90 day programme on 09.06.2018 and I was very happy with my results but of course, I was not at my goal weight and shape as yet so I have carried on applying the basics and I am currently following my own little wave and I have now lost 23kg to date and definitely shows…

Preparation and consistency have definitely been a great part and the key to success so this is why EVERY morning of the working week, I pack 3 small meals ready for the office so there is no room for cheating or falling off the plan. Here are my mid-morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack for today.

Seeing the results as well as feeling healthier and having much more energy have kept me motivated for the past 5 months and I am committed to continue on this incredible journey.

If like me you need to lose weight or if like Sanela, you just wish to shape up and tone up, don’t hesitate and come on join us on the 90 Day programme, you will not regret it one second! “

Congratulations, my friend, what an achievement and I know you will continue to inspire and reach your goal and beyond. Thank you for sharing your story, it always takes courage to do that and I hope you know how much I truly appreciate it. You have always been a true sport and I love you.

And, let me please add – people join the programme for different reasons. For many it is a journey of learning, perhaps for the first time, how to eat properly. For me personally, it was the accountability that I needed as I already had the knowledge of nutrition, but sometimes that is not enough.

You just need the coach to push, support and inspire you. So, you could be at the beginning of your journey or just in need for the right motivation, or anything else in between – I encourage you to give it a try.

It is a brilliant, science based meal plan and exercise programme; whilst adding Herbalife Nutrition ensures that all that is taken to an Optimum Nutrition level so the results are simply awesome. It is clean, balanced eating at its best and exercise can be done at home or outdoors.

For more information, fill in the form below to register your interest.

    Herbalife Nutrition Independent Herbalife Member, Bath UK
    Karine today

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